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3D Printing – PolyJet

About the project

Polyjet printing is a fantastic 3D printing technique. Based on inkjet printing, PolyJet allows to generate actual multi-material objects with high accuracy around 0.02mm. Up to six individual UV-curable so called digital materials can be printed at once. Grading between the materials is a key feature of Polyjet. For example combining CMYK-based color pallette enables fully multicolored objects. In addition, the objects can possess flexible and stiff elements, generated within one printing job. Furthermore, this technique is capable to fine tune mechanical properties at the “voxel” (volume pixel) level.

Usual standard materials show moderate long term stability and semi good biocompatible to skin. New generation materials in development bear the potential for higher durability and skin compatibility.


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Image credits: Francis Bitonti, molecule shoes